Victorian Gardens

Victorian gardens evoke a sense of simplicity in elegance. This garden design provides a crisp, symmetrical and regal style, allowing you to enjoy a garden full of green tones and vibrancy which is balanced by formality.

Do you ever wonder why we are a country of such keen gardeners, look no further than the Victorians. Their influence in our gardens is still seen today, this style is still one of the most popular styles chosen by many.

In-keeping with the style we tend to arrange the flowers in well organised contained box hedging, framed within a symmetrical border. It helps create that sense of refined elegance and of organised beauty. Quite often this design favours larger gardens, as it accentuates space as a feature, whilst providing further structure through compartmentalised sections of the garden. It balances the joy of large spaces, with the need for intimate and still places.

This is a versatile design style which allows for adaptation according to the specifications of your garden. An array of flowers and plants can be chosen that can really enhance your enjoyment of being at home in your own distinguished garden. Have a look at the 3D design and stills below for a greater sense of how this design can transform your garden experience.

Victorian Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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Here’s a few more Victorian Gardens

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