Victorian Gardens

The Victorians are one of the main reasons why we are such keen gardeners or at least favour gardens more than some of our European counter parts.

The design of a Victorian garden whilst striking would be one of simplicity, symmetry and colour. Keeping all the flowers contained with the use of box hedging within a symmetrical boarder such as squares or circles as opposed to curves.

One great aspect of any Victorian Garden would be the size of garden and accentuating, using the vastness as a feature unto itself whilst compartmentalising the garden into rooms. Not doing so would make the garden feel like a football pitch or field.

It is possible to use the ethos of a Victorian Design transitioning a formal structured such as the formality of the circular lawn above, and creating a feature of the length of garden, whilst allowing for a softer part of the design to the right. Picking from a palette of plants allows us to have the much needed continuity.

Victorian Garden case study

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