Modular Gardens

Modular garden design is a relatively new style. It is crisp, vivid and controlled. It is the expression of a truly modern garden design that can make your garden stand-out as unique from more traditional designs. 

The distinct style of planting uplifts designs into something truly spectacular. Every plant is carefully selected and positioned with a heightened sense of intention and purpose. An array of colours are planted in blocks which flower at different times of the year. The structure of the planting accentuates the shape of the lawn, pathway and features. It sees recurring rectangular shapes inducing a stark design that captures the imagination.

It is common in this design to compliment the unique planting formations and angular shapes with a central feature. We have used a modern and tranquil, seating area with an exquisite pergola. The strength and confidence of such a central impactful feature is well framed by the blocks purposefully laid creating a striking angular effect.

A key consideration of this design is the relatively low maintenance requirements. For instance, a cottage garden requires more careful nurturing to ensure the best effect is achieved, whereas modular gardens designs require less frequent involvement.

This is a modern, visually striking, yet functional garden design that for many strikes the right balances between aesthetics and everyday use. 

Modular Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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Here’s a few more Modular Gardens

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