Modular Gardens

Modular gardens is a relatively new style some designer would say that it is not a style but a shaped design, however over the last few years this modular styled garden has become so popular it is almost considered a style.

The uniqueness of the planting is what makes it stand out from the crowd, a slick clean modern style where ever plant counts and the type of plant is carefully selected. The planting creats blocks of colours all year round, which accentuate the shape of the lawn and pathways which are also rectilinear.

One added bonus is the maintenance requirement is a lot less than a cottage garden where you have to keep each plant from growing into one another here they are allowed to grow into each other.

With the planting being so unique and effective it is important to build a feature which over powers otherwise the feature would feel lack lustre, the main feature here is the seating area and the pergola, there’s no arguing that looking at the garden it is the first thing you see, the only planting that would compliment such a feature would be the block planting as any other planting would feel lost.

Modular Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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