Lifestyle Gardens

The modern-day family often needs a garden to be highly functional, with space for hosting friends, for children to play and for a slow sunset dinner.

Creating rooms within a garden not only adds interest but provides different uses. We need areas which have a specific purpose allowing you to move through the garden dependant on your need, this will also provide different viewpoints providing very different visuals.

Creating a stylish and contemporary look which is equally functional and user friendly as well as easy to navigate.

We have designed floating seats as to add to the contemporary style but also to provide more space, if a dining area and sofa would have been used then this would of looked clunky and blocked the viewpoints.

Due to the need of such a substantial paving area, we have used a grey stone, grey is a neutral colour and allows the green of the plants to really stand out.

It is one of the few garden design styles where the seating areas are being used as the main feature. When creating such a angular design it is important to soften, here we have done so with the use of tall Bamboo’s which sway softly in the breeze.

Lifestyle Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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Here’s a few more Lifestyle Gardens

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