Entertainment Gardens

The modern day family unlike the 60’s to 90’s require a garden not just to be functional but also to look good.

The main uses of a garden would be to allow 6 -8 people to sit around a table to eat, a secondary seating area for relaxing in a sofa, pathways to get around the garden even in the summer our gardens can be tricky to negotiate with all our rain, lighting which brightens up even the dullest of winter evenings. 

As can be seen this garden contains all the above and hopefully you would not know it was more a functional garden, as we have slotted the utility requirements to the corners of the garden making features out of as opposed to hiding.

The planting is also especially challenging with low maintenance always a necessity. This client especially liked grasses so we mixed a Mediterranean planting apart from the box with a shaped design.

It is one of the few styles where you impose the hard landscaping and seating areas as the feature here we have lifted the main seating area off the ground by 15cm or so as to define the space.

Entertainment Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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