English Country Garden

English country gardens tend to have a large lawn area which stops the garden looking like a football field. Calm flowing borders the more the lawn meanders in and out the better.

If you feel a modern garden is too structured and yearn for a garden full of soft textures and many different colours from Vivid to Pastoral then a English Country Garden might be for you.

There is more structure to the planting than that of a Cottage Garden. A Cottage Garden will have plants that grow into one another and take on almost designed wildness look. Whereas as Country Garden will have similar plants but stopped from growing into one another.

One big consideration is the amount of maintenance a English Country Garden requires. Every plant has to be contained within it’s own area and stopped from growing into the neighbouring plant.

English Country Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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Here’s a few more English Country Gardens

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