Cottage Gardens

Rustic Cottage Gardens have a softness and movement that more structured gardens lack. Where the size of the garden is restrictive using curves can make the garden feel much bigger than it actually is.

There are very few shapes in nature that are square so we are naturally more inclined to be drawn to curves and circles, think of valleys, streams and rocks on a beach, nature slowly chips away creating smooth flowing shapes.

The maintenance of curved gardens can be more than squares as the borders sizes are often bigger to get the lawn to be Curved it often requires very deep borders which means more plants and more plants means more maintenance.

Cottage Rustic gardens have a large palette of plants to choose from meaning you can get very artistic using schemes where one plant is picked to compliment the texture of the neighbouring plants. The only type of planting schemes which wouldn’t suit would be a formal one where the use of topiary’s and lots of box plants could not be used.

Cottage Garden case study

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