Cottage Gardens

Rustic Cottage Gardens have a softness which creates a sense of movement that more structured gardens lack. In small gardens the use of flowing curves will make the garden feel much bigger.

In nature there are few naturally occurring shapes that are completely angular, we are naturally more inclined to be drawn to curves and circles. Think of valleys, streams and the contours of hills, where nature slowly creates smooth flowing shapes.

The maintenance of a curved garden is something to consider, as a curved garden will have wider borders than straight borders.

However, the increased size of a curved border are highly attractive, more plants means more colour and more of nature’s beauty. 

The plant palette of a cottage garden is wide and varied meaning there are lots of plants to choose from. You can get very artistic designs where one plant is picked to compliment the texture and colour of neighbouring plants.

If you like vibrant colours, a natural flow to your garden’s shape and a more rustic visual then the Rustic Cottage Garden is the design style for you!

Cottage Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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Here’s a few more Cottage Gardens

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