Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary simply means modern and can vary in styles, at present a modern garden is a design using mainly straight geo metrical shapes, neutral tones for the paving such as grey, white, black and minimal planting.

Paving tends to form a large part of the design, normally paving would be used just for utility reasons but in modern gardens paving is used to frame and modernise lawns and borders.

In this design you can see how such a frame would work. The design is simple but less is often more. In smaller gardens maximising the lawn is often key to making the garden feel bigger.

We where asked to design a modern garden with plenty of plant textures. This has been possible with the use of a box hedge which frames the planting and compliments the paving.

Another interesting feature of a modern garden is the ability to mix different styles this can be seen here with a more structured almost contemporary Victorian lawn and a modern planted border at the back of the garden with a modular pergola.

Contemporary Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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Here’s a few more Contemporary Gardens

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