Contemporary Gardens

Contemporary means modern. What is in vogue now may be out of fashion tomorrow. No such style that has gone out of vogue is the square structured contemporary garden which is an off shoot of a Victorian Garden.

Keeping the Structure of a Victorian Design but using modern materials such as Granite paving stones. One could call such style as the contemporary Victorian garden where it not for the planting.

A garden must be a balanced space with masculine and female influences, the masculine frame of the granite pathway could be over bearing where it not for the soft planting. The flowers are especially important using plants that are more architectural as opposed to a mass of vegetation like Geraniums.

One great aspect of a contemporary Garden is they can be minimal maintenance, unlike borders with flowers that grow into one another and need to be constantly maintained, Contemporary flower borders look better when they grow into one another therefore needing little care and attention.

Contemporary Garden case study

Here is an example of what you will receive…



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